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What Can We Help You With Today?

This is just a sample of what Bob’s Handyman Services has to offer:

  • electrical
  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • remodeling
  • apartment maintenance
  • and more!


When you call Bob’s Handyman Services you are dealing directly with Bob, the owner. Bob has a natural talent and gift for remodeling that was evident when he remodeled his own bedroom as a teenager – including knocking down walls and rewiring the electrical! After years of completing home repairs and other home projects for friends and relatives outside of his full-time job, Bob decided to create Bob’s Handyman Services in 1997. Over two decades later it is still going strong with services ranging from carpentry and plumbing to apartment maintenance.  In 2010 he also became the first individual voted onto the Monroe County Road Commission.  He has also served on the Bedford Township Roads Committee.

A Helping Hand

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Bob’s Handyman Services

3270 W. Samaria Rd.

Temperance, MI  48182



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